A Long-expected Party

A Brief Introduction

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to create a blog for some time now, even if it was only to catalog my projects for myself. I have varied interests, including amateur radio, aviation, electronics, and computers. I work as a first responder and have a bit of an engineering background as well. I acquired the “” domain because it harkened to computers (e.g. running tasks) but also hints at a variety of different projects.

This blog was created with Hugo which generates static html pages, devoid of server side scripting or databases. There’s good explanations on why this is preferable and what you can do with it here, from Linux Journal and here, from James Andrews. The latter is a little outdated, as github only supports SSH key authentication now. Also, it is not a complete “how to,” but as a Linux user it was enough to guide me toward my own automated deployment.

Anyway, however you stumbled upon my blog, thanks for stopping by!