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Scrap Antenna Project - Ethernet Cantenna

The Challenge Callum McCormick, M0MCX of DX Commander posted a challenge on his YouTube channel to create an “emergency” 20m vertical antenna out of scrap. As an amateur radio operator who is pretty new to HF, after watching his video I knew immediately I wanted to build a contest entry and quickly formulated an idea. Design Requirements I encourage you to watch the video, but I summarized the design requirements for myself as follows:

A Long-expected Party

A Brief Introduction Hello there! I’ve been meaning to create a blog for some time now, even if it was only to catalog my projects for myself. I have varied interests, including amateur radio, aviation, electronics, and computers. I work as a first responder and have a bit of an engineering background as well. I acquired the “” domain because it harkened to computers (e.g. running tasks) but also hints at a variety of different projects.